Creating a New Character in Voyage Century.

Once you've signed up for VCO (Voyage Century Online)which you can do here and downloaded the game. You're ready to make your first character. Log in and pick your server, and click the create button.

Note: If you want to put spaces in your characters name (it will also work with ship names , guild names I don't know)
Just pushing on space won't work, but if you want to create a space press "alt" (keep holding it) and press 2 5 5.. release the "alt" key and your space has been created..

Getting to know the game.
After creating your account and character, Voyage century will guide you trough your first steps in the game, so I'm not gonna say much about it..


When a New character (VCO) is created, they have an initial level of stats and skills.

Basic stats
Health Points or HP - 110
Stamina Points or SP - 100

Attack - 5
Defense - 1
Accuracy - 81
Dodge - 1
Load - 100.00

Voyage skill - Level 1
Eloquence skill - Level 1
Sea Battle skill - Level 1
Bare-handed fighting - Level 1


Merchant Guild - 20
The Kingdom of Spain - 20
The Kingdom of Greece - 20
Ottoman Empire - 30
The Kingdom of Tunisia - 20
Crete Pirates -100

Note: for a character with birthplace of Alexandria (VCO)

Reputation - 0
Noble Title
- Commoner
- 0