Welcome to my online VCO guide,

First of all VCO stands for Voyage Century Online,
Voyage Century is a free 3D MMORPG with a nautical theme set in the late 17th century. Pirates play a major part in the game as should be expected since they are one of the most popular aspects of the high seas. Pirate themed MMOs are also becomingly increasingly popular. However, Voyage Century does not focus solely on them. In fact, you can not even become a pirate when you first start playing the game. To become a pirate, you must be wanted by at least one country for breaking laws. Instead, ships are given a starring role in Voyage Century. With a ship, a player can transport goods to different ports, can form fleets (groups) with other players, can occupy ports, and can participate in major sea battles. Players can kill other players, but it can be risky due to the fact that offenders can be sent to prison. Overall, a good free MMO for players looking to experience the high seas.  

Key Features

> Free to play.
> Ships can be named.
> Players encounter pirates on the high seas when carrying goods.
> If players can not pay the pirates the ransom for their goods, they will need to fight them.
> There are four roles in the game. Of those, two are men and two are women.
> Sailing is greatly affected by the weather.
> There are three different types of ships: Merchant Ships, Raiding Ships, and Battle Ships.
> Can form fleets on the high seas in two different modes: Pilotage and United Fleet.
> Money is made by carrying goods from place to place and selling them.
> Players can be sent to prison for killing other players (pking).
> Pirates have their own cities.
> To be a pirate you need to be wanted by at least one country. 
> Seeds can be planted in fields to make crops.
> Ports can be occupied by players if the NPC guards are defeated.  
> The download is about 1.12 GB.

Tristan's Guide
This guide will help you getting started with the game,
but also help more experienced players to make their life a bit more easy in the game ...
This Guide is made by 'Sir Tristan' (Colombus Server)
If you need some more advice use the private chat channel to contact me in the game,
I speak Dutch and English, (and also a little German, French and Turkish)

Good Luck !