Leveling Guide For Beginners

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After you've learned your skill, you'll get your first weapon, the Recruit Weapon. If you don't wear the uniform you've gotten after the tutorial, you should put it on now, same goes for the Recruit Ornaments in your Item Column. After that, you can go and kill your first monster! But before you do that, you should visit the Combat instructor at the Dock of Athens. He'll give you your first Quest.

Quest Information
-Collect 5 Crab Princer [Drop of Crabs on the Beach]


-25'000 XP for the Skill you choose.
-25'000 XP for your Barehanded Skill.

After finishing this quest by talking again to the Combat Instructor, you'll get another Quest.

Quest Information
-Slay 5 Goats and 1 Bellweather

-75'000 XP for the Skill you choose
-75'000 XP for your Barehanded Skill

After finishing this one, you'll get another Quest.

Quest Information
-Kill the depressed Poet in Athens Suburb

-80'000 XP for the Skill you choose

After that, you have to train by yourself. Kill Goats, Bellweathers or Reindeers to get up to Level 11 in your Main Weaponskill. After that, move to Step three.

Step Three: Quests in Seville
After reaching Level 11 in your Main Weapon Skill, you need to change place to Level more with the help of the Combat Instructor. For that, sail off at High Seas [Docker] and use the Auto Track [Right to the Minimap, not the 2 Boxes, the other one] to sail to Seville. Try not to sail into Storms, because they can sink you ;).

Arrived in Seville, you need to find the Combat Instructor. Use the Auto-Track for that. He'll have 2 Quests for you, one of them is repeatable.

Quest Information #1
-Kill 5 Wild Wolves, 5 Jackals and 5 Coyotes

-400'000 XP for the Skill you choose
-80'000 XP for your Barehanded Skill
-50 Reputation

Quest Information #2
-Kill 5 Wolf Lords

-4'300 Reputation for your new Title
-Lieutenant Cap
-Courage Badge

You can accept the 2 at the same time. Do the first one 5x to reach Level 21 in your Main Weapon Skill. After that, sail back to your Hometown and Apply there for a Noble Title. If you don't know how to do that, ask friendly someone or use the forum search. After that sail to London, using the Auto-Track Again.

Step Four: Clean Sicily
Again as soon as you reach London, go to the combat instructor and get your new Quests. He'll give you 3 Quests, one of them Repeatable.

Questinformation #1
-Kill 8 Toads, 8 Bullfrogs and 8 Poisous Frogs.

-2'000'000 XP for your Weapon Skill
-400'000 XP for your Barehanded Skill
-50 Reputation

Questinformation #2
-Kill 15 Killer Bee's


-Noble Weapon Level 4 [Skill L31+]
-7'000 Reputation

Questinformation #3
-Kill 15 Wild Boars

-Lieutenant Captain Uniform [Level 21 Barehanded]
-Courage Medal

The Frogs, Bees and Boars can be found on Sicily Island, located near Italy in the med. Sea. Use Auto Track to find it.
Repeat the repeatable Quest 5x to reach Level 31 in your Skill. Now sail back to your Hometown, apply for a new Noble Title and Promote your Weapon Skill to Phase 2 at the Skilltutor. Then Sail to Dakar, to get your Next Quest.

Step Five: Hunt the Bears
Arrived in Dakar, visit our Friend the Combat Instructor. He'll give you two new Quest.

Quest Information
-Kill 10 Grizzly Bears, 10 Brown Bears and 10 Black Bears

-3'000'000 for your Weaponskill
-600'000 for your Barehanded Skill
-50 Reputation

Quest Information
-Kill 10 Black Bats, 10 Ghost Bats and 10 Fox Bats

-Level 5 Weapons [L41+ Skill]
-2 Silver Safes [Right Click to open it]
-Captain Hat [L31 BH Hat]
-8'000 Reputation

The Bears and Bats can be found at Mallorca Island (Caves), the Island between Algiers and Barcelona. If you don't find it, use Auto Track. This time you need to do the Quest 7-8 times to reach Level 41. Until that I recommend staying Away from Keyboard overnight, killing Bears at Mallorca and train alone. The Instructor Quests would go until Level 61 but the last 2 aren't worth the time, better afk at the Bears or Bats.

Step Six: Now I have I high weapon but...
Your Barehanded is way to low to wear a good Uniform. No need to worry, Barehanded gets ~1.6x more XP then the weapon skill, so sooner or later your Barehanded will reach the Level of your Weapon again.
[If you don't want to wait, use a 12 Hour Barehanded scroll and everything should be fine again.]

After finishing these quests you can also visit the Combat Instructor at Madeira (lvl 41-51) and Las Palmas (lvl 51-61)

Have Fun and good luck